ah, bush is the reason america is bad? i too remember being an eleven year old liberal.

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  • cat owner: hears noise from the next room over
  • cat owner: i don't know what you're doing, but i know that you should stop

Any association with the Mockingjay symbol is forbidden.

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District Heroes.

Panem today. Panem Tomorrow. Panem forever.

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"our leader the mockingjay”

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magical creatures helping other magical creatures (✿◡‿◡)

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Guess who finally finished her eeveelution buttons?

Now I just need to print these fuckers out and they’re all good for Katsucon!

Sizes vary a bit since I’m terrible with circles; wish me luck with slapping them onto a proper template ahahahahaha

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ian gallagher + 10 character traits

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overall today was a good day

i went to a barbecue, met some cool people, got an action figure, and watched a really fabulous movie

thats probably my last snowpiercer spam

im gonna go watch all of bong joon ho’s movies now because DAMN

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